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B is a brand of fibreglass window frames with a strong set of core values:


B aims to create a positive impact in society and in our daily lives through active support of sustainabilty. Innovation in building design plays a significant role in tackling this global issue. And B fibreglass window frames make an important contribution to sustainable building design.

The perfect choice for any 21st century construction project.

B windows serve their practical purpose to the highest standards while expressing the vision of sustainability and having both visual and tactile appeal. You can take great comfort that their thermal and acoustic performance mean you have chosen an environmentally responsible product.

The future of building design must be based on the use of high quality, ecologically responsible products to ensure low carbon buildings. B fibreglass windows are the future and we are proud to partner such an innovative product.

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The base material of B fibreglass windows is silica sand which is an abundant natural resource.
Fibreglass windows have low embedded energy, meaning the total energy required from raw material to delivery.

Fibreglass windows maintain their installed condition, quality of finish and colour for years and years.
Fibreglass windows have excellent proven thermal performance and will ensure excellent energy efficiency.

Fibreglass windows are designed for sustainability. Ensure your building design takes a longer view. Invest in a long lasting and easy to care for product that will also ensure significant long term savings in maintenance costs and energy bills.


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